A downloadable game for Windows

Created in the UT Game Dev Capstone 2D


Play the story of little Inkling who wanders faceless in his sleep to regain his sight. Deep in a dream, when you close your eyes, the world goes dark but it doesn't go away.

Dev Team:

  • Meena Bae
  • Calvin Bench
  • Sydney Mantrom
  • Mitchell Santiago
  • Rakan Stanbouly
  • Nasstassja Venegas

Music By:

  • Golden Dawn Arkestra
  • David Krunk


  • Paul Toprac & Sarah Abraham
  • Our wonderful gamestesters <3
  • Chip, Shannon, and Chloe Mantrom
  • Jung, Myung, Anna, and Jeena Bae
  • Jordan Stephens
  • Paige Tucker

Install instructions

Play with either your keyboard or an Xbox controller. It's a student game so it has bugs. But if you can't seem to make it through a puzzle, just press 'p' to bypass. Other than that, download as normal and enjoy!

(Note that the web version cannot be played in a Chrome browser.)


ShuteyeFinal.rar 189 MB

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