A downloadable game for Windows

Created in the UT Game Dev Capstone 2D


Play the story of little Inkling who wanders faceless in his sleep to regain his sight. Deep in a dream, when you close your eyes, the world goes dark but it doesn't go away.

Dev Team:

  • Meena Bae
  • Calvin Bench
  • Sydney Mantrom
  • Mitchell Santiago
  • Rakan Stanbouly
  • Nasstassja Venegas

Music By:

  • Golden Dawn Arkestra
  • David Krunk


  • Paul Toprac & Sarah Abraham
  • Our wonderful gamestesters <3
  • Chip, Shannon, and Chloe Mantrom
  • Jung, Myung, Anna, and Jeena Bae
  • Jordan Stephens
  • Paige Tucker

Install instructions

Play with either your keyboard or an Xbox controller. It's a student game so it has bugs. But if you can't seem to make it through a puzzle, just press 'p' to bypass. Other than that, download as normal and enjoy!

(Note that the web version cannot be played in a Chrome browser.)


ShuteyeFinal.rar 189 MB


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Hello :)

The game looks nice from the screenshots. However, once you start playing, it keeps lagging and freezing, and after a few minutes of launch it crashes. Even the last bit of animation where the ship appears in front of the main character can lag the entire game and cause it to crash (if your graphics quality is above fast)

Sadly, the game is unplayable.